“Now that I physically cannot have kids, I know, IT WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE.”

Kristina, 35, Canada

I knew from a young age I never wanted children. My mom worked in childcare and growing up, I always told her to keep those kids away from me! I hated other things children my age were into (I never liked Disney). People said I would change my mind about wanting kids.

In my twenties, I developed a 22-inch ovarian cyst that was close to cancer and spreading but they caught everything in time. I lost my right ovary.

After surgery, about a year later, I developed multiple blood clots, my right lung is scarred as a result and it hurts to breath some days. I am on permanent blood thinners for life. And they told me I can get pregnant but it’s very risky for me with bleeding. Why would I want to then if my chances of fatal bleeding or clotting again are high???

And then just last year, ANOTHER ovarian cyst. The doctor wanted to try to save my remaining ovary ‘because I’m still young and might want kids’ despite my protests. During surgery, all the signs of cancer were there, worse than the last cyst, and he had no choice but to do a full hysterectomy.

Now that I physically cannot have kids, I know, IT WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE. I feel I had to go through so much medically to get my point across to everyone!

My husband and I are 13 years apart in age, and he never wanted children either. We are happy with traveling, camping, hiking, adventures and exploring with friends, date nights, and we get to go home to a couple of cats and a big goofy dog.