“This is not how I imagined my life would be. And I love it.”

Kelly, 43, Panama

I am a healthy, happy 43 year old woman living in a beautiful jungle home on a Caribbean island with no children and no husband. This is not how I imagined my life would be. And I love it.

After five miscarriages, I spent a lot of years feeling bad about how my life was turning out. But in the end, I really feel that my body and soul knew what was best for my life, more than my mind.

As a person who considers challenges in life as gifts, one morning I woke up wondering why I was never able to see not having children as a gift. From that a-ha moment on, things really began to unfold for me. I made the active choice to remain childfree and celebrate the beauty of a childfree life.

This choice opened up a new kind of love, appreciation, and renewed optimism for my life… and that attitude spreads out into the rest of the world.  That’s how I find meaning and live my best childfree life.

Shifting my mindset from being childless to childfree has been one of the most expanding, liberating, and difficult experiences of my life. The situation (no children) is the same, but wow is the feeling different! And from that different feeling, I have found so much richness in my life.

I want to spend my time and energy caring for this exhausted earth, caring for the children and adults who are too overwhelmed to care for each other, and simply enjoying all that this world has to offer.