“I can’t transfer more trauma to an innocent kid.”

Jingga, 28, Poland

I was raised by toxic and manipulative parents, and it gave me deep trauma.

So I decided to be childfree.

My parents had me when they were in high school. Of course, financially and mentally, they weren’t 100% ready to have a kids.

When I was five, our finances were still not that stable, yet my parents still decided to have a second kid.

That’s when my brother was born

Because of those unstable mentalities, finance and emotions, I experienced a lot of violence, abuse and manipulation from my parents.

And I ended up with depression, and in need of psychiatric therapy.

Two years ago, I was diagnosed schizophrenia and cut off all communication with my parents for my own mental health.

In a deep turmoil of emotions, I realised that I couldn’t be a mother.

I can’t transfer more trauma to an innocent kid.