“My life has been full of chapters so far.”

Gaia, 40, Italy

I turned 40 ten days ago, and I hit my b-day with the full awareness about the fact that I want to stay childfree.

Although I am single atm, I have had a couple of long relationships in the past – the last one less than a year ago – and I have been in love with these guys. However, never have I had the urge or wish to get pregnant.

I had a moment of hesitation at my 38/39, mostly because of the social pressure women need to endure: my gramma last year advised me to go to church and ask the priest to bless me with fertility rituals.

My life has been full of chapters so far, I have lived in 4 different countries – living in Spain right now – traveled to 49 countries and counting. I have learned 4 languages, celebrated my 40th b-day partying in Ibiza with my best friends, I got very advanced in my yoga practice, thinking of taking a teacher training next year.

My weekends are filled-up with sleep, friends and happy activities. Sometimes I decide to do nothing, and I am free to do so. Back at work on Monday speaking to my colleagues about my weekends, they all seem dreamy about them. The classic comment being: “Oh, if I didn’t have the kids…” I have never felt jealous of their weekend plans, ever.

I love myself as I am right now and that’s because I could experience so much and take big decisions in complete freedom. I am not sure I would like myself had I gone the conventional way. Loving myself and seeing endless opportunities is what counts the most atm. No regrets so far!

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