“Every once in a while, I wonder if I will regret not having that experience.”


Hi! I am 31 and I’ve never wanted kids. I decided a couple of years ago that between my 30th and 31st birthdays I’d get my tubes tied, because I was sick of the side effects of contraceptives.

Three months before my 31st, I found out I was pregnant (obviously, an accident). After speaking with my partner, we decided to keep the pregnancy, as it felt like a sign! We were happy and excited (and a bit terrified) and everything in between.

Unfortunately, on our 12 week scan we found out I had miscarried; I had to go through some horrendous shit to be able to get my body back to normal. I’m back to “I don’t want to have children” but, every once in a while, my mind goes to those months and I wonder if I will regret not having that experience.

I think this feeling will never leave my heart, as I’ve experienced first-hand the beautiful and heartbreaking feeling of creating life. Not having kids it’s absolutely amazing and I love it, but will I ever regret not choosing the other path? I don’t know, but it’s not worth doing it if you are not sure.