“My main reason for being childfree is mental health.”


A friend of mine recently introduced me to your podcast after I expressed to her that I’ve been wondering if twenty years from now, I’ll end up regretting my choice to be childfree.

I’m 34 years old, live in Canada with my fiancé and our dog. My fiancé has always said that whether we have kids is up to me.

Growing up, I was certain I would become a mother one day. I thought it was just what women do. At about age 25, I started having crippling anxiety that affected almost every aspect of my life. Nine years later, I still deal with anxiety daily (though I’ve found much relief through therapy and medications).

My main reason for being childfree is mental health. I truly believe my anxiety would skyrocket even more. Some days it’s hard enough to even walk my dog and do basic household chores, I know that being responsible for another human being would be detrimental for my well being.

I see so many of friends getting pregnant and I guess I’m just in a weird place, wondering if someday I’ll regret my decision (even knowing that being a mother would be something that worsens my anxiety).

I’ve been enjoying many of your episodes. I find it nice knowing there’s a community out there who support a person’s choice to not have children, even if it goes against societal norms.