“Growing up all I heard is ‘you’re going to be a great mum’.”

Megan, 25, UK

I’ve known since a young age that having a baby is not going to be in my future.

It’s been difficult cementing this into my family’s heads because I’m the eldest child of 5; my mum being a single parent throughout most of it. I’ve helped mum as much as I could growing up so all I’ve heard constantly is “you’re going to be a great mum”.

The problem is, as selfish as it sounds, I didn’t really want to help mum with my younger siblings but felt I had to. Throughout a lot of my younger teenage years I held a grudge against my mum for this. Then I moved out at 17 years old and became a lot more content with my life.

My family is huge, I have 23 cousins, most have had their own babies over the years, so our family is VERY baby orientated. Which is why it was difficult being the first one to say I don’t want to have babies, of course I get hit with “you’ll change your mind when you find the right one”.

But I 100% knew I wouldn’t be having babies and when I started seeing guys, the deal breaker for me and a question I’d always ask them is “are you wanting kids in future?”. If they said yes, I’d break it off instantly.

Fast forward a few years, I met my current partner, we’ve been together for 5 years now. He doesn’t want kids. The hard part now is that my family are saying the only reason I don’t want kids is because he doesn’t want kids, even though I’ve been saying it all this time.

At 25, I feel nobody is taking my decision seriously because I’m still on the younger side.