“I have a physical and psychological freedom that I absolutely could not afford if I had children.”

Martina, 33, Italy

I cannot state when exactly my childfree journey has began.

For several years now, I have noticed that when I am surrounded by children, I immediately feel uncomfortable and get irritated easily. This often makes me feel mean, because children are always seen as innocent and good creatures who must be loved no matter what.

When I express my misgivings about having children, I often hear replies like, “you’re still in time to change your mind” or “when you have children of your own, you won’t feel bothered by them anymore.”

When I have to deal with a child, I always try to be as kind as possible, try to play and spend time with them, but I feel that this often turns out to be a burden and a strain on me.

I have struggled and am still struggling with the idea of feeling wrong because I prefer to spend my time traveling, singing or just relaxing on the couch on the weekend, not thinking about anything.

In my idea of “childfree person”, I see a physical and psychological freedom that I feel I absolutely could not afford by having children.

My desire is to continue to build a future where my happiness and peace of mind come first; I think about the many beautiful things I can achieve without having to take care of a child, and for me this is absolutely priceless.