“There are thousands of ways to create a beautiful and unique life for yourself.”

Sina, 35, Germany

There are women that knew they’d never become mothers from day one. They didn’t even like playing with dolls. But that was not me. I liked dolls a lot and always thought I’d a mother in my mid 20s.

So when I was in my 20s, my friends began to become parents. I noticed the changes, that they were going through as people and with their lives. And I began to question myself for the first time, if this path could be mine. My life felt totally fine, I had everything I wanted, and I had a feeling that it could be going on like forever this way.

Some years later almost all of my friends had become mothers. Some of my closest friendships changed a lot because of this. And I grieved because of these changes. And I felt the pressure from society. I often got asked when I would become a mother. And even though I’m a confident person, I felt very insecure when it came to the feeling that I wouldn’t become a mother.

I spent many years on the fence, making up my mind. And more than once I went back-and-forth with my thoughts. I felt alone in this. Because most of the women that I knew at this time of my life lived a “typical” life as mothers, I felt kind of like “the only one”. I felt trapped in a time machine because it felt like I couldn’t move forward with my life because I was so unsure about what to do.

Then there came the day that I decided that I don’t want to feel stuck anymore. I wanted to move on with my life. Start something new. And I decided to live a childfree life with no regrets. I began to talk about my decision, and the more I talked about it, the more confident I became. I started to look for childfree communities and childfree friends. I educated myself about childfree living and embraced this lifestyle to the fullest.

And then somehow, being childfree myself and support other women on this path became my calling. I want to show other women how fulfilling a childfree life can be. Especially the women that are afraid of regrets or of being “the lonely one”. That the childfree lifestyle is as “normal” as every other lifestyle and that there are thousands of ways to create a beautiful and unique life for yourself. After I finished my vocational training to become a Coach, I decided that I want to support other childfree women and especially the ones that have not decided yet how to live their best life. I want to help them make decisions for their own and live their full potential.