“Our choice gives us great freedom to design our days.”

Laura, 55, Canada

I am a fulfilled, married, childfree 55-year old woman, musician and writer who has been a grateful reader of your newsletter since its inception.

Throughout my life, I struggled to find stories like my own because most tales of women without children only painted portraits of loneliness, disappointment and alienation. But, in your stories, I have found affirmation that there are many others like myself who chose this path happily.

My husband Geoff and my choice allows us to be amply available to support friends and family when needed. It also gives us great freedom to design our days with a balance of meaningful work, while also pursuing our many passions. Most recently, we’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to work remotely in warmer climates for a few months per winter. And perhaps most importantly, it has allowed us the space and time to stay attentive to each other and ourselves.

It is my feeling that there are far too many publications perpetuating stories of child”less” regret. And I worry that these will scare more women into childrearing in an already overpopulated world. So, for the health of our planet and our species, I believe that movements like #noplanetnochildren are what we need right now, as a critical reset, to create a home that can be sustainable for us all.