“Today, I am celebrating the one-year anniversary of my bilateral salpingectomy!”


I’ll never forget it – I was in biology class when I was a young teenager learning about different forms of birth control, where I learnt that women had the option to get sterilized.

I NEVER wanted to be a mom. Even as a young girl, not yet sexually-active, I knew to the deepest marrow of my bones that this was a procedure that I needed in order to feel comfortable in my own body.

It took some time overcoming my feelings of shame due to societal pressures, but I finally got the courage to ask my doctor about the surgery.

My doctor was 100% supportive, however this process took me through a rather unpleasant experience trying to convince my surgeon that “I wasn’t going to change my mind” and that “even if my husband dies, and I re-marry, I wasn’t going to change my mind” (ugh!).

Yet, here I am, 34 years old, and today, I am celebrating my one-year anniversary since I had my bilateral salpingectomy surgery!

Having the surgery was life changing! It enabled me to have full control over my body, giving me the comfort, security, and confidence I had been craving my whole life.